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Protecting Records and Their Keepers

Safeguarding the integrity and availability of your data is crucial to the preservation of the personal records entrusted to you. Protecting and securing the information that define our lives has never been more important as unexpected threats continue to rise.

Unfortunately, it’s not if a disaster may strike, it’s when. Cyber threats, natural threats, data corruption, hardware malfunctions, improper storage, human error, and more, all test our data security processes. Things you didn’t even know could happen, occur every day.

You want your records to stand the test of time, so you know you must act to secure them. The problem is that many technology service companies are confusing, too tech-y, impersonal, and not built for your sector’s needs.

How do you know if your data is successfully backed up? How many processes and layers of protection do you need? Are your sensitive records being stored in a foreign country? What happens if you need to recover your data fast? Who will answer your call when you need it most?

Data Protection That’s Personal

You place a high value on the safekeeping of records.
We place a high value on being personally involved in your data protection.

We start by providing support and service that empowers you through:

  • Guidance to help you make the best decisions for your needs
  • Educating you on best practices while making complex technology obtainable
  • Providing tools to promote transparency and efficiency
  • Ongoing personal support to provide peace of mind

Our personalized approach takes our service a step further by our client relationships through:

  • Individual support by entrusted experts that you will know by name
  • Proactive and live monitoring of files, systems, and backups
  • Immediate and personal phone calls if backup issues occur
  • Accessible experts for process and recovery assistance

We are passionate about data protection that is accessible and personal.

Data Protection That’s Proven

VaultTek provides vault-tight security for your most valuable assets – your records. We offer the highest standard of protection, security, and recovery so you have the utmost confidence that your data will be there when you need it.

Our processes and protection include:

  • Triple-redundant system stores backup files at three unique locations
  • Innovative technology with highest level of security encryption
  • All storage vaults are U.S.-based
  • Data is encrypted during transmittal and storage
  • Daily monitoring to assure backup was completed successfully
  • System developed for unique challenges of securing public-sector records
  • Accessibility on-site for quicker recovery should the worst occur

We are committed to providing the highest level of security, while making it easier for clients to access, monitor, review, and recover records.

Most Trusted Partner for Sensitive Sector

Thank you so much for your willingness to help always!

Clerk comment in response to a successful restore.

Thanks for all you do.

Clerk comment in response to our proactive monitoring service and communication regarding issue management.

Thanks for keeping a sharp eye.

Clerk comment following communication regarding continuity of service

Y’all are truly the BEST! I was so worried. Just knowing that I could get this data from you is a relief!!

Clerk comment in response to assistance with a restore.

Thank you…you’re awesome!

Clerk comment in response to a successful restore.

Thanks Tara, you’re awesome!

Clerk comment in response to the management of equipment upgrade and continuity of service.

Thanks Tara, I really do appreciate it.

Vendor comment in response to help with a restore.

Thank you so much for your help, Tara!

Vendor comment in response to managing multiple point-in-time restores to trace a file for the clerk.

We appreciate very much your offer of assistance. We count you as an asset and part of our team.

Clerk comment in response to our offer for assistance following a ransomware attack.

{VaultTek} is GREAT!

Vendor comment following a restore

I don't know what we would do without [VaultTek]!!! You are the Best Ever!!

Clerk comment in response to a restore request.

Y’all are an awesome & very helpful group of people and glad you’re there for us.

Clerk comment in response to receiving information on using the VaultTek dashboard.

Thank you so very much! You’re awesome!

Clerk comment on VaultTek monitoring.

This is great information! Awesome job!

Clerk comment on tips and tools shared in newsletters.

Protected. Personal. Empowered.

We are passionate about protecting records and data that must stand the test of time. Our vault-tight protection offers the highest standard of security. Our dedicated experts are proactive and dependable, offering clear answers and accessible help. Our clients are empowered with confidence in their data security so they can focus on those they serve.

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Assigned expert that you will know by name. Proactive daily monitoring of backups and personal call if issues occur.

How It Works
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Trusted Partner

Developed, tested, and trusted solution for court and other security-sensitive sectors.

About Us
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Three Times the Defense

Triple-redundant backup system: one on-site and two off-site backups. All data storage facilities are U.S.-based.

Learn More

Meet Your On-site Data Defender

Our personal commitment to your data security includes your very own on-site data defender. Meet Tekmate, a purpose-built backup appliance configured for your location that takes on the heavy lifting of technical tasks needed to effectively manage your data protection.

Tekmate is an extension of our personal data defense providing:

  • Customized hardware delivered to your location
  • Easy connection with simple and personal set-up instructions
  • Pre-configured software customized to your data protection plan
  • Secure storage of data on-site as one of the three layers of data protection
  • Encrypted transmission of backups to secure off-site data centers
  • Real-time reporting with transparency for your dedicated expert to monitor and respond when needed
  • Desktop dashboard to access records and manage account information as needed
  • Flexible scheduling of tasks to run after-business hours
  • Seamless, automated backups – no further work on your part
  • Convenient and fully-managed file restores as needed
VaultTek TekMate NUC

Defense Doesn’t Have to be Detached

Data protection with personal service.

Tackling data security needs can feel overwhelming, confusing, and even cold. At VaultTek, our goal is to deliver the best technology solution with accessible personalized service that makes complex technology obtainable and empowers our clients in protecting the welfare of their records.

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Back Up What Matters

As the guardian of your records, you know best what data matters most. Your records, your choice – business/accounting; general purpose; or local network – and empowering tools to manage and monitor your secured data.

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Proactive and Live Monitoring

Real-time reporting tools allow our experts to continually monitor client backups every single day to ensure consistency and success. Any problems identified are immediately reported to you with a personal phone call, and our technicians are alerted.

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Triple-Redundant System

VaultTek technology solution provides a triple-redundant backup system with three layers of defense: one on-site backup and two separate backups at remote U.S.-based data centers.

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Seamless Recovery

When disaster strikes, recovery begins quickly. Data can be restored from your on-site backup or downloaded from one of the remote vaults. Our experts are accessible and ready to assist you through the process.

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On Your Schedule

What works best for your backup time is up to you. Tekmate transmits data to remote vault locations nightly and never bogs down PC or network performance.

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Vault-Tight Security

Confidentiality and file integrity are protected at all times. Encryption processes are used for remote transmission and data is stored using the National Security Agency’s classified documents algorithm.


31% of PC users have lost all their PC files to events beyond their control

1 in 5 computers will suffer a fatal hard drive crash during their lifetime

Of those businesses that experience a disaster and have no emergency plan, 43% never reopen

U.S. businesses lose over $12 billion per year because of data loss

93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year

Recreating data from scratch is estimated to cost between $2,000 and $8,000 per MB

It’s Not If Data Loss Happens, It’s When

Find Out Why