Frequently Asked Questions

Backup Process and Procedures

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  • What records need to be in my data backups?

    As the guardian of your records, you know best what data matters most. You can select individual files, folders, or everything – it’s all determined by you.

  • How do I know what to prioritize?

    Knowing what data is already backed up and where it resides can help you prioritize your needs. First determine if your data is already being backed up. Is it all files or only certain types? Is there a redundant backup at another location for protection? Is it as up to date as your primary backup? This information will give you an understanding of what is or is not currently protected and how to prioritize for your needs.

  • Should I include software applications in my data protection plan?

    Most likely there is no need to add software applications to your protected data backups. Software vendors provide application files on source media (CD, DVD, USB, etc.) that can be stored in the original format, or through downloaded source files that are usually securely managed by the vendor. When a failure occurs, your applications can be restored from the source media, or your vendor can provide you access to the appropriate source files. Once the software has been re-installed on your system, you can reload needed data from the remote server.  By limiting the data protection process to only relevant records, the backup procedure is more efficient and manageable. Special consideration may be needed if any of your applications are old, the vendor is defunct, or support is no longer offered.

  • How often does my data backup occur?

    Data backups are scheduled based on your preferences but most often are run every evening. Tekmate, your personalized on-site data defender, adds the appropriate new files to the backup process, updates the on-site archive copy, and encrypts and transmits the two additional off-site backups – all during non-peak times to assure your network is kept running at top speed during the times you need it most.

  • How do I know what data I have archived?

    The VaultTek Online Dashboard keeps you personally connected to your records vault in real-time. This tool allows you to view your archived files, check recent backups, search for files, and initiate requests for data restoration. A VaultTek Audit Report containing account information and data storage details can also be downloaded any time using your dashboard access.

  • Are open files included in my archived backup?

    No. When a file is open, or in use, at the time of the scheduled backup, it is automatically locked and not accessible for archiving. The VaultTek software skips locked files initially, but makes two additional attempts to reload them before the job completes. Typically, most of these files will be loaded successfully unless they are open and in use continuously, such as database application files, which would not be routinely accessible.

Restore Process and Procedures

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  • In the case of data loss, how do I recover and restore my files?

    When disaster strikes, recovery can begin immediately:

    • Quick / Small Restore: With your VaultTek Online Dashboard and VaultTek Mobile app, you are a login away from small restores. The dashboard and the app connect in real-time to your online vault and allows anyone with authorized access to find the records they need to start the recovery process on demand.
    • On-Site Backup Restore: Restore requests can be made directly to your engaged expert or anyone on the VaultTek support team by completing the HELP form on our contact page. The HELP form is typically the quickest response as we personally restore the requested data directly from your Tekmate appliance to your network location of choice.
    • Off-site Backup Restore: In the case of disastrous data loss, your personal expert is ready to help you initiate data restoration from one of your off-site backup copies. Once off-site backup files are acquired, they are delivered directly to you via an external media device of your choice.
  • How long does it take to recover and restore my data?

    Timing depends on the type and amount of data you need restored. If data loss was a few files or small folders, these should restore quickly, sometimes within minutes. The more data that needs to be restored the more time it takes, sometimes requiring several hours to complete the recovery. In rare cases, if data restoration is taking an unreasonably long time, a copy can be offloaded to a CD, DVD, or USB drive and delivered overnight or via courier*.
    *Additional fees may apply for the courier but not the overnight service.

Equipment and Network Requirements

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  • What do I need to do to get started with you?

    Getting started is easy. We are committed to providing data protection with personal service and welcome a phone call at 678-741-5354 to get to know you and learn about your specific needs. We also have an online information form you can use at any time to start your planning process and needs assessment.

  • Will I need to purchase or have my own equipment to run the nightly backup?

    You don’t need to provide anything. Tekmate, our purpose-built appliance, is delivered to your location with your pre-loaded customized software, power supply, network cable, and easy installation instructions. In addition to Tekmate, a USB drive is included for new installs, or when the Tekmate appliance is replaced, to expedite the initial capture of data through a snapshot to the device.

  • Will data backups affect the performance of my PC?

    No. The VaultTek solution is designed not to interfere with the use of your PC by scheduling the Tekmate to perform its services at a time specified by you – typically after normal business hours.

Storage and Security Details

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  • Where are my records stored?

    Once you’ve identified the records that matter most to your needs, Tekmate, your on-site data defender, will process your backup for storage in three locations: 1) on-site on your Tekmate appliance; 2) two additional off-site backups saved at separate U.S.-based data storage centers,  QTS Data Center in Atlanta, Georgia and Flexential in Denver-Aurora, Colorado.

  • How long is my data stored in the Vault?

    When data loss happens, our goal is to make recovery as seamless and easy as possible for you. That means the most up-to-date set of your records are always accessible through your Online Dashboard or VaultTek Mobile app after every regularly performed backup. In addition, we maintain multiple versions of files for a limited time (30 days) in the remote vaults. All of your designated records are stored for the life of your contract, or until you notify us in writing that you no longer wish to retain them.

  • How many versions of my data are stored?

    The most recent version of a file designated for backup is saved indefinitely. Multiple versions of a file may be saved up to 30 days in the remote vault. Custom versioning plans are available based on operational needs.

  • How do I know my data is securely stored?

    We are committed to using the highest standards in security technology to empower you with confidence that your data is secure and available when you need it. The VaultTek solution provides triple-redundant data defense that starts at the local level with your Tekmate appliance. Your additional backup copies are held at two off-site data storage centers that are U.S.-based, physically monitored 24/7, and feature significant building security measures such as biometric doors and security patrols. Your Tekmate purpose-built appliance uses the highest levels of encryption for both on-site storage and transmission of your files to the off-site storage facilities. Your records are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, a cryptographic algorithm that provides the strongest security level and is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for protecting classified documents.  Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption further protects your records in transit between the local and off-site storage locations.

Online User Interface

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  • How do I access my VaultTek Online Dashboard?

    VaultTek Online Dashboard keeps you personally connected to your vault and account holder access is a password-protected login.  Account holders can view their account details, manage authorized users, and perform local restores of selected files and folders if necessary. Online Dashboard written instructions are available upon request. Need login information or have other Online Dashboard questions, we’re ready to help. Reach out to us by completing the HELP form on the CONTACT page.

Mobile App

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Pricing Considerations

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  • How much should I expect to pay for your archiving service?

    The cost to backup, monitor, and securely store your data is based on the amount of data being backed up and the complexity of the backup job.

    Pricing considerations include the following:

    • Tekmate proprietary appliance provided for your use throughout the life of your contract, but remains the property of VaultTek
    • Pre-loaded software customized to your needs to run your nightly backups and transmit your data securely
    • Storage of your two backup copies off-site at secure U.S.-based data centers
    • Online Dashboard and VaultTek Mobile access for account holders and designated authorized users
    • Ongoing personal support by experts provide data management, proactive monitoring, personal outreach should issues arise, and one-on-one assistance recovering and restoring data when data loss occurs